Is it possible to be transparent and authentic online?

This is a discovery post rather than prescriptive on how to be transparent and authentic online. There are a number of recent incidents in various online environments which triggered some thoughts and feelings requiring associated decisions and actions for me. In this post, I’d like to discuss the environment factor.

Environment is an essential factor for success. I believe, like it is in the real world, one expect the online world to be clean and healthy to play with confidence and enthusiasm. If an environment gets toxic with mediocrity and childish behaviour, one’s enthusiasm and willingness relatively decrease. I believe authentic and transparent people instantly affected by their environments. An environment, for example for blogging, makes difference for one’s participation and collaboration.

Spirit of networking is directly related environment which play a significant role for participative actions. Who has the key impact on environment? Without doubt that the members of the environment have the key impact to keep the environment clean, healthy and pleasant to play with.

I’d like to discover how one can be transparent and authentic in this online world. How would you define and describe a clean, healthy and pleasant environment. Look forward to obtaining your insights stemming from your online experience, thoughts, and personal preferences.

Dr. Mehmet Yildiz

5 thoughts on “Is it possible to be transparent and authentic online?”

  1. I hate . . . I REALLY HATE to say that, but yasni GM Steffen Rühl is showing an attitude towards this environment that lets appear the small nuisances like a grain of sand whereas managers on other networks manage to blow up grains to elefants. I pondered a while about that and found out that Rühl is rather thinking BIG and other species are more counting each and every penny.

    Here we have a healthy environment.

    Yet as for the transparent and authentic . . . authentic, yes, 100%. Transparent along the saying . . . I must not tell every truth.

    Lovely dribbling, Mehmet, have a nice festive season and please convey my best regards to your family.

  2. Hi Mehmet

    I am with you 100% on this and as long as one accepts that there are people in all walks of life who will knock or be coniving and Machiavellian then they are to be watched, listened to understood but completely disregarded.

    Life is far too short to be negative just stay positive as ever and discuss the subjects and thanks for being such a great blogger on Ecademy

    All the best to you and yours and all Ecadamates for the festive season and 2010.

    Kind regards


  3. ich dachte, man kann auch deutsch sreiben! ich versuche es zu Zeit. bin ein kleine Amfaenger und brauche etwa’ hilfa dazu. bis dann, vielle Gruesse von Rumaenien…

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