Yasni gets popular with recruiting experts

I thought I would share this wonderful piece of exposure for Yasni in the UK. The Association of Graduate Recruiters Conference is a chance for recruitment professionals from all over the UK to meet up and discuss the recruitment industry and this year, a site called Here Comes The Boss showed a video to all attendees about how and why Web 2.0 will affect the recruitment sector.

Yasni was included within the video presentation and was recommended as a website that would be useful to recruiters in the future! We are absolutely thrilled with this and you can watch it here

Web 2.0, I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue – Recommended Websites

The recruitment sector has become a big part of Yasni and a recent study we conducted found that 1 in 3 human resource professionals uses the internet to search for information about applicants and current employees.

Special THX to David from Here Comes The Boss for getting in touch with us!

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