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Yasni is the world´s only search engine for people where you are able to search for people, experts to a specific topic or service providers based on keywords. You live in Los Angeles and look for a lawyer? No problem! Or are you in dire need of a babysitter out of your region? Or are you a headhunter with the order to find a highly qualified engineer?

For a better comparison of the search results we recommend at this point to enter the same search terms in other (people) search engines!

But what is important for the person after who is searched for in these cases? For the lawyer, the babysitter or the engineer? Visibility! Namely on the internet, i.e. in the search results. Of what avail is it to the expert if nobody except himself knows that he is an expert? Little…you also need to be found to important search terms that describe your service!

On the one hand Yasni provides the people search, but on the other hand also the opportunity to be found as a person along with its abilities and offers. And ultimately this visibility means reach, customers, turnover…

How does Yasni help you to optimally promote your own offer?

The basis is our free Yasni Exposé with which you initially ensure the visibility in the search results and with which you can take the first important step to show yourself at your best on the internet:

  • by a neatly filled business card with the specification of your company, homepage and contact information
  • by allocation of the most important search results along with online profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Xing, LinkedIn…
  • by creating visibility in the search for your own name in other search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo through your Exposé
  • through the active creation and the maintenance of your own reputation by the interaction with other people on Yasni

Which additional opportunities provides the Yasni Exposé?

Indicate own keywords to yourself as well as to your service and fill out your Tops & Flops:

Yasni Exposé: Keyword

These terms are linked directly with our people search. So make sure to indicate not too many and only the most relevant terms. It’s useless to the lawyer from New York if he has keywords like “tennis” or “to go for a walk” because he wants to be found as a qualified lawyer, right?

And what else does Yasni provide for people who want to be found outstandingly to specific terms?

The Yasni Exposé Promotion!

By this time Yasni has over 20 million users per month. Thus to be outstanding on Yasni with the own service is quite interesting. With Exposé Promotion you are able to highlight up to two particularly relevant keywords additionally. In that case your Exposé will be found even better to these keywords:

Relevant keywords for Peter Yasni

In addition, you can enter a personal slogan to your Exposé and all will be displayed on our front page. This way our users will take notice of your offer even better and faster:

Visibility on the Yasni welcome page

Furthermore the Exposé Promotion ensures that you will be shown as a “Top-Person” at the top of the search results in searching for terms.

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Visibility for Yasni via collaborative effort

I am relatively new and have been a member of Yasni for a year now. In the beginning I did not know anything about it until I met Mr Andreas Wiedow who coached me online and encouraged me to use it effeciently. Keeping my content in one place and getting them to be rated by independent co-networkers is important for the credibility of my content. Therefore I continued to add more content, make new contacts and recently started blogging for Yasni.

Within my capacity, I created some visibility for Yasni in English speaking networks. For example, a number of blogs and discussions in Ecademy, several Tweets in Twitter for my followers around 5000+ now. I am also superfan of Yasni and promoting it in the Superfan which become a popular fav with 29,908 points.

Despite these contributions, my knowledge in mechanics of Yasni is still low. Recently, I was nominated for the Tedora Awards which made me grateful and motivated for recognition of my contributions. However, until I was being nominated, I did not know about this award. I believe there are a number of other points that we don’t know about Yasni in English speaking countries. I know it is very popular and well known in Germany however we need to create more visibility for Yasni in English speaking countries.

To be able to do that, we need to create a forum and an FAQ (frequently asked questions) centrally available online for all members. For example, the first page of Yasni site must be like a dashboard and it should branch from there to all other content and details of members through encapsulated links. Through the dashboard, we should be able to see blogs, access member areas, member content, FAQs, various branches of Yasni, news, awards, promotions, and other relevant items.

So we all have roles and responsibilities to make Yasni more visible and extended to other geographies. I’d be delighted to help for creating more visibility and would like to obtain your views to make Yasni a better known system globally which will also be good for us, i.e. the members and the other stakeholders. Let’s make this reputation system a more reputable one together!

Dr. Mehmet Yildiz