A First Glance at the New Yasni Exposé

After the successful redesigns of both our front page and the two search results pages we will now introduce our grand final within the next days  – a visual relaunch of our Exposé. To clearly separate and structure the particular functions and parts of the Exposé is the most important goal of the new design.  Now it will be easier for you and your offers to be found better and more visitors and potential new customers will get interested in your Exposé.

At first we of course guarantee that all of your Exposé’s information and ratings won’t be affected by the relaunch of the new design.  Nothing will be lost: No link, no comment and no message. We are only improving the visual and structural aspects of your Exposé.

In our Yasni Blog we will give you an exclusive first glance at our new Exposé. You will notice at once that the Exposé is structured into three columns, similar to the search results lists:

In the left column you will find the main menu that will always be visible. It will guide you to view your Exposé, to be informed about new messages, to edit your Exposé information, to update your business card or to add new search results. Up to now this menu was set between the business card and the search results – now it is clearly structured and can be found easier.
The option „E-mail Monitoring” will show all your search notifications, whether you were searching for a keyword or a name. You can either change or stop these notifications there. In the main menu on the left you will also find the Preferences and Visitor Statistics. Especially the Visitor Statistics could only be seen on the front page after the login. Therefore, we moved it into the left column to the main menu.  Thus you don’t have to go back to the front page any longer if you want to find out how many people have visited your Exposé.

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