Yasni People Search Engine Helps Holiday Shoppers Find the Perfect Gift

World’s #1 People Search Engine Helps Shoppers Locate Wish Lists, Likes & Dislikes, and Other Shopper-Friendly Info for More than a Billion People Worldwide

New York (December 8, 2008) — For holiday shoppers racking their brains on what to buy for everyone on their lists, a new online tool may hold the answers for helping to find the perfect gift. yasni is the world’s leading people search engine, empowering people locate any person on the Web while learning about their interests and behaviors. yasni (www.yasni.com) is a free, fun and easy-to-use resource that provides detailed findings including personal wish lists, social and business networking profiles, Web links, photos, blogs, videos and more.

Whether the gift recipient is a professional colleague, a child’s schoolteacher, or a loved one who is notoriously difficult to shop for, yasni may provide the clues to make holiday shopping easier. In just a few seconds, yasni can return wish lists on shopping sites, personal profiles on sites such as MySpace and Facebook that can shed light on tastes and preferences, blog entries that may reveal a person’s interests and more. yasni saves shoppers time by presenting all of this information in one, easy-to-use resource, rather than having to search through dozens of different Web sites.

“We feel that the more you know about a person, the easier it is to shop for them,” said yasni founder and CEO, Steffen Ruehl. “And yasni is the best way to uncover detailed information about any person. We hope we might make the holiday shopping experience just a bit easier for people everywhere.”

Join the fun today and visit www.yasni.com to see if you can locate gift ideas for the people on your holiday shopping list. For more information about yasni.com, please contact John Angelo at john@abelsongroup.com or 623-792-8239.

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