Yasni Offers HR Managers Free “Social Reference Checks” For Screening Job Applicants

World’s leading people search engine enables hiring managers to check applicants social status, online identity, and soft references not available from paid financial and criminal background checks

New York (January 14, 2009) — According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), unemployment in the US is at a record high since the Great Depression, totaling 11.1 million. As the number of job seekers continues to increase dramatically, and the pressure to reduce costs continues, companies seek alternatives to paid background checks. Criminal and financial background checks don’t tell the whole story and now more than ever, hiring managers must be more selective for fewer opportunities. Yasni (www.yasni.com) – the world’s leading people search engine – says that “social reference checking” is on the rise, enabling hiring managers to research an applicant’s online reputation and social references on www.yasni.com for free.

With yasni.com, employers and HR managers can easily search the largest pool of information publicly available online for detailed findings for more than one billion people.  In addition to collecting professional information through resources such as LinkedIn and Jigsaw, as well as criminal records through criminalsearches.com, yasni helps provide details about social behavior by returning social networking profiles, including MySpace and Facebook, blog postings, photos, online shopping wish lists and more.

The BLS further states that the number of people who completed temporary jobs rose by 315,000 last month, and increased by 2.7 million over the last year.  As more short-term employees become commonplace, the need to perform thorough social background research becomes increasingly important.

Steffen Ruehl, the founder and CEO of yasni, came up with the idea while working as head of marketing for two of the leading online career sites in Europe, JobScout24 and JobPilot, now a part of Monster.com.  “It became clear to me that an easy-to-use, one-stop resource that provided free, thorough results about an individual would be very helpful to employers,” Ruehl said.  “Since our launch just one year ago, yasni has become the leader in the worldwide people search market and background checks on job applicants is one of our most popular searches.”

To begin using yasni to locate information about potential employees, visit www.yasni.com. For more information about yasni.com, please contact John Angelo at john@abelsongroup.com or 623-792-8239.

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