(November 12, 2008) — Individuals can now check to see what information is being written about them across the internet as the global leader in people search and reputation management is launching in the UK. The innovative technology collates all the public information available about an individual from across the web and places it on one easy to use site.

yasni, the worldwide Number One in people search and online reputation management, has announced they are to launch, allowing British users to collate and view all the personal information available from across the web about themselves, colleagues, family and friends, on one easy to use and clear website. This kind of service is more common with businesses looking to monitor their online reputation but now individuals can treat themselves as a brand and track what people are writing and saying to ensure nothing negative appears; offering full control over personal reputation.

yasni users or “yasnians” can also check up on their partners, keep an eye on their children, research employers or job applicants and find long-lost friends, lovers or relatives. The system is fun, free and easy to use; requiring very little technical ability or understanding. yasni currently receives 23 million requests each month, which also includes thousands of searches from the UK and has been named the Number One people search engine by an independent Website traffic profiler¹.

Steffen Rühl, CEO and Co-founder of yasni comments on the UK launch: “The German website is already receiving several thousand visits each month from the UK and so it seems a natural and exciting progression to launch a British version of Yasni. “So many people are unaware of what personal information is actually available on the internet and yasni offers a fun and exciting way of keeping track of your own and others online reputation; it’s the people’s-people search engine and brings the UK a new level of infotainment.”

Social networking sites and online forums have become an increasingly popular way of conversing with friends and therefore personal brand awareness has never been so important. Especially when considering that 1 in 5 HR managers are now checking the suitability of job applicants on the web².

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² Survey commissioned by Reuters

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