(December 9, 2008) — The global leader in online people search and reputation management knows exactly what your new crush, tricky boss or rebellious teenager wants for Christmas.

Since the world’s largest people search website launched in the UK last month, it has been used by serious organisations such as Private Detectives seeking fugitives, Charities looking to trace missing persons and now people trying to prevent upsetting their mother-in-law at Christmas by giving her the wrong present!

The festive season is quickly approaching and the shopping centres are full of frantic shoppers, desperately hunting for a perfect gift for their loved ones but now Brits can search for their friends and family online and access their ultimate Christmas Wish List; getting them something they actually want this year. offers the perfect solution for that tricky mother-in-law who doesn’t seem to like anything, that rebellious teenager who changes their mind about what they like at the drop of a hat or that stroppy boss you’re desperate to impress. The free-to-use website launched a UK version a month ago; just in time to prevent any Christmas day family feuds or office secret Santa embarrassments. Users can simply type the name of the person they are shopping for and scroll through the gathered information; revealing Wish Lists from shopping sites, Facebook, Bebo and MySpace profiles, blogs that the person has commented on and any other information about an individual that is available on the entire web.

The innovative platform of online information unravels friends, family and colleagues interests and hobbies; allowing users to find a thoughtful gift that is personal and, most importantly, actually wanted. Alternatively, if people are fed up of receiving unwanted gifts or DVDs they already own, users can manipulate their own online information; creating wish lists and subtly blogging about a gadget they wish they could get for Christmas. yasni users can then easily access this information and believe that they have fooled the receiver into thinking it was their own creativity that found the ideal gift for that person.

Steffen Ruehl, CEO and Co-founder of yasni said: “We all know what it’s like to open a present and try to control the look of disappointment on our face, well yasni is such a great way of learning more about a person and buying them something they really want this Christmas. “The beauty of the site is the element of surprise! People will think that you have put so much effort into their Christmas gift, when in reality the idea was practically handed to you on a plate.” finds any publicly available information on any person across the web and is therefore the end to everyone’s Christmas shopping nightmare.

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