New Category Scrolling on the Search Result Pages

It is time again for another tiny but superb Yasni update. Since the end of last week we have smoothed and polished our search result pages for names. Most of you have probably already noticed the change: on the left hand side there is a new box which contains the several categories of the search result page for names. And that is the whole point: to make our search result pages (even) more ascertainable and to encourage an (even) deeper search. With the category box you can see at a glance which field the search results to the wanted name are from.

In the case of the newly Golden Globe winner George Clooney it looks like this:

If you click on a section in the box on the left, e.g. on “News”, the search result page automatically scrolls to the respective category. Just try it out for yourself!

Of course, the category titles will only be shown if there are search results to the wanted name within the respective category. If there are no videos to a name then the category “Video&Audio” won’t be shown in the new category box.

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