Maintain Your Good Reputation

There is no doubt about the importance of a good reputation. It is important for your private life as well as for your job and career. In this context, the Internet can both be helpful and damaging. On one hand, negative information about oneself can hardly be deleted from the net, because there is no right to be forgotten on the Internet. On the other hand, the own professional development can be supported in a positive way with the help of the Internet, for example through appropriate measures of self-portrayal.

But how can you maintain your good reputation? The good reputation is not limited to the Internet, but also applies to the professional life and even to your love life. Regarding the love life, a good reputation certainly is beneficial.

An important statement has been currently made by U.S. scientists, more specifically by anthropologists from the University of Missouri:

„If you wish to have a good reputation, then help more people. Don’t help one and the same person too often.”


This means, don’t always help one and the same people, but frequently and regularly help many different people. An exciting approach that can easily be applied in your professional life. Whoever gets along well with colleagues at work and has a strong professional network probably has got greater career prospects than a mere lone fighter. Advantages such as trust, backing and more freedom from stress included.

However, it is also important to remain authentic. Those who say things about themselves that, by a quick check in a search engine such as Yasni, turn out to be untrue or exaggerated score a classic own-goal in terms of their good reputation. Once on the net, personal data cannot be easily removed.

If you find unwanted information about yourself on the net and would like to remove it, contact the source of publication first, instead of search engines such as Yasni, Google, Bing, or Yahoo. You can find a declaration on deleting “False/old results” right here.


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