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  1. Yasni is the real hypocrat. With the name of personal freedom,Yasni is like a parasite. Making a living on other people information and shamelessly selling to the other company. Just because 9 other people killing a man, that doesn’t give you enough justification to kill that man as being the 10th one.

  2. @unknown: you got totally wrong. We’re a search engine and dont sell information to other companies. Our search results are based on public available data – so it wouldnt make sense to sell to others because its freely available already.

    Our business model is to post ads beside the search results – as any search engine is doing.

    And of course you’re wrong with your other assumption: we are not in killing people business. Please just try out our website – then you will see.

    Btw: if we wouldn’t be in search engine business the verdict mentioned above wouldn’t be care us because its only thought for search engines.

  3. I would send the whole article to an English translator and have it translated into understandable and fluent English, It is very hard to read and the grammatical structure of the piece more German than English.

  4. I am not against journalism
    I am against the eye in the lock,
    There are many forms of firearms,
    I have a big problem now,
    because it affects my son who is a minor,
    In his day was a social news very well prepared for a wide reporter who thank you for your good work
    Today my son is suffering from bullying,
    taunts and insults of all kinds,
    As a result, it does not go to school he is stressed and their academic performance significantly lowered
    I already made the relevant police reports here in sweden,
    I am also waiting for response google, I’ve left mine all data and identification
    and it has become impossible for me to find a way to contact you (yanis).
    if it is possible for you to contact me please
    I want to help my son but I do not have the opportunity in my hands, won the technology, and is a child.
    Thank you

  5. Sorry, I meant before that child is stressed that their academic performance has dropped,
    who does not want to go to school, making fun that does nothing more than open the same pages where it appears the news
    The home environment is dark, sad
    because it functions as a real psychic virus

  6. Leeches also have the right to life….
    I just ask that the time may reward false honors,
    only then your will be able to understand the rest
    your environment is also affordable
    We all have family or someone we care about.
    BTW I served this comment–>
    “that any mischief he does, will backfire and it is (he)(you) (all) who will suffer from the results.”
    Thanks for their contribution,…

  7. Pirate Party believes that freedom of communication and the right to privacy are important pillars of democracy and that each person’s integrity and privacy must be safeguarded. Monitoring and other intrusions on personal privacy should only be transacted on suspicion of serious crimes, and individual assessment. Systems that people use in their everyday life (for example, payment and pass) shall be designed to avoid or minimize the amount of preserved electronic footprint. Human social presence in public should not be replaced with electronic monitoring.

  8. All people have a fundamental right to decide which parts of their life they want to give to others, and which they want to keep for themselves. Respect for all people’s privacy is necessary for people to be confident, daring to take the initiative and say what they think. Invasion of privacy and surveillance should therefore only be allowed to occur after individual testing on suspicion of serious crimes.

    People live their lives in different environments, but all have the same right not monitoring whether to send a letter through the mail or as an email, if you gossiping over a cafe table or on a chat site, if you talk to landline or mobile phone. No distinction should be made between monitoring of electronic and other communications.
    The privacy and privacy must be protected through all stages of life, from childhood years, kindergarten and schools across adulthood with work and love, to seniortillvarons increased need for health care.

  9. I’ll do everything but everything and work to make people happy to technology, I want to make my acknowledgments to respected journalists who have heard me, some carry the profession with dignity

  10. The problem lies in the fact that people rebel against the law and thereby break the covenant and that the lawmakers apply the law to punish some while letting others get away. This is the injustice that breaks down societies.

  11. I’m brasiliam.

    My opinion; the Search engine make a service to the public. Ok? The researches to the peoples is a private action. The search engine, in your condition of Enterprise have rigths…
    Wath rights?
    1-Only the research in meta-date. The search in words. Never bay private dates. Never take conclusion
    seems: “preconceitos”. Ou “pseudo conceitos”.

  12. And of course the system that Yasni as deployed to help people censor their own results does not work negative Scanning and many other transfer services..

  13. The thought that the man gives to coercion rather than persuasion to
    give a kind of invisible germs that destroy communities. The
    imposition of opinion forced cancellation of the human person and the
    human spirit and a betrayal of the Charter and the rejection of the
    Covenant. It rejected the Secretariat and guide and acceptance of
    treason and veto the Charter, “If God took the Charter of Otto who
    book Eating for people with sure knowledge behind their backs and
    bought him a bit pricey Evil what they buy,”

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